Born in…PPM

For its 2024 edition, Moderne Art Fair, in collaboration with Galerie baudoin lebon, welcomes Mary-Lou Mauricio’s photographic project Born in…PPM. The project aims to demonstrate the acceleration in CO2 concentration since the Industrial Revolution. Participants pose with the rate of their year of birth.

Every year, the volume of fossil fuels burned increases, releasing more and more CO2 into our atmosphere. This concentration is measured in “Parts Per Million”. Since the industrial revolution, this rate has been rising more and more quickly, making a major contribution to climate change. In 2023, the concentration of CO2 reached 421 PPM, a level not seen on Earth for several million years.

The project

This measurement is a tangible marker of our relationship with climate change. During the shooting, the photographer asks participants about their feelings about climate change, so that they decide where to write the rate for the year in which they were born, according to how they feel.

At COP 27 in October 2022, as a sign of support, photographer Mary-Lou Mauricio shared a first series of portraits on social media. Each day, she published the portrait and testimony from the oldest person to the baby, to demonstrate the ultra-fast growth of the PPMs.
She also wants to denounce climate injustice by involving people from every continent.

Series of portraits

In November 2022, the photographer was invited to UNESCO’s Earth University, where she captured a number of famous celebrities with their PPMs, sharing their portraits on social media to raise awareness among as many people as possible.
The Born in … PPM studio was born as an awareness-raising initiative to explain the phenomena of climate change. The experience offers participants the chance to get involved through photography.
Since then, the Born in … PPM studio has been set up at events, institutions and private companies. To this day, almost 3,000 portraits have been produced, symbolising the growing awareness and mobilisation of civil society on the climate issue.

The PPM team

Mary-Lou learnt photography at school by the light of an inactinic lamp. Despite her desire, the student didn’t dare make a career out of it, and turned to communications.

After 15 years working for luxury houses and associations, she trained to become a professional photographer at the Ecole des Gobelins.
Based in Paris, Mary-Lou works for the economy of tomorrow to have a positive impact on our daily environment. A commitment facilitator and host of the Fresque du Climat, she is keen to showcase projects in the fields of the Social and Solidarity Economy, ecological transition and responsible consumption. As a portraitist and photojournalist with the Hans Lucas agency, she highlights people involved in solidarity, eco-responsible and craft projects, people who are looking to explore new solutions to get things moving.

To discover her other photographic work, go to:

Mary-Lou Mauricio, funder of the project Born in…PPM

The Born in…PPM studio

The Born in PPM studio is an experiment in raising awareness of climate change. Participants pose and receive a portrait committed to the climate.
The process takes around ten minutes per participant, and several people can be welcomed at the same time. Photos can be taken solo, as a duo or as a trio. A souvenir group photo can be taken at the end of the shoot.

The Born in PPM studio usually sets up for 4 hours, which allows us to take around fifty portraits.
15 days later, the photos are delivered in digital format with an accompanying explicative text. Participants are invited to share their portraits on social media if they wish.
As an option, the portraits can also be delivered individually by email to the participants.

Born in…PPM


Mary-Lou Mauricio – Born in 340 ppm

Lauriane Muraire – Born in 356 ppm
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