Design exhibition: Marta Pan & André Wogenscky

Clément Cividino and Ayann Goses are pleased to present at the Moderne Art Fair, from October 19 to 22, 2023, an exhibition of pieces never before shown to the general public, created by the architectural couple Marta Pan & André Wogenscky. The majority of the creations on display come from the collection of the EDF Charleville administrative center.

Architecture | Design

After settling in the Vallée de Chevreuse in 1952, this pair of twentieth-century artists and architects set out to live and express their respective creativity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This intimate setting, reflecting their intellectual and artistic complicity, became a Foundation in 2011. The 7OOO-square-meter park features some twenty sculptures by Marta Pan.

Marta Pan sculpts wood, marble and melts steel, while André Wogenscky imagines living, working and leisure spaces with audacity and innovation. Their complementary and mutually inspiring work is proof of their creative complicity, resulting in an intertwined body of work that is among the most recognized in twentieth-century design. Today, the Marta Pan – André Wogenscky Foundation is more than a conservatory for the modern couple’s work. It is a place of research, archives, publishing and inspiration.

Marta Pan & André Wogenscky
Director’s office
EDF administrative center Charleville- Mézière

1962. Marta Pan & André Wogenscky
Executive desk cabinet
205 x 205 x 70 cm
Slatted wood – black walnut veneer
EDF administrative center Charleville- Mézière

1962. Marta Pan & André Wogenscky Handless – Massive wood Makoré
35 x 75 x 15 cm
Provenance Center EDF Charleville-Mézières

Clément Cividino

A collector for some fifteen years, Clément Cividino strives to maintain a constant awareness of diverse creations, achievements and young creations.
Recognized as a leading specialist in twentieth-century design and architecture, his discerning eye has brought to light the work of such diverse designers and artists as the architect Georges Candilis, Jean Paul Barray and the Simonnet sculptors, creating over the years a heteroclite collection with which he orchestrates exhibition projects that are both structured and original. For each exhibition, he imagines a sceno-graphy adapted to and in total resonance with the spaces he occupies.

For some, he’s a gallery owner-antique dealer; for others, he’s a researcher, even a designer. He prefers to defend his status as a “curator” in the “New Wave”. It’s a profession that’s still not widely recognized, which is why he always draws up a communication plan for all his actions through the press and new media, explaining the diversity of his profession, his career path, his interests and his inspirations. He works closely with artists, designers, collectors and other market players. In his relationships with them, he develops and favors a dynamic that animates them, a strong energy, a story that suggests the quest for the rare or popular object through inspiring spaces, while bringing a new vivacity to the market in which he evolves.

1962. Marta Pan & André Wogenscky
Director’s office
EDF administrative center Charleville- Mézière

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