Unritrattoperunirci – Vincenzo Marsiglia

Moderne Art Fair hosts the digital and interactive installation UNRITRATTOPERUNIRCI by Italian artist Vincenzo Marsiglia, with the aim of uniting people via social networks to maintain relationships that have become impossible or interrupted as a result of confinement.

Design exhibition – Clément Cividino & Galerie Gam

Clément Cividino is pleased to present at Moderne Art Fair, an exhibition of never-before-seen piecesto the general public, created by the architectural couple Marta Pan & André Wogenscky. The majority of these creations come from the Collection of the EDF Charleville administrative center.

Invincible été – Olivier Goy

For the 2023 edition, Moderne Art Fair is delighted to welcome the Olivier Goy’s photo exhibition. The title of the exhibition comes from the eponymous film INVINCIBLE ÉTÉ, directed by Stéphanie Pillonca and starring Olivier Goy, released on May 31.