2023 Guest of honor : the architect and designer Stefano Trapani

For the 2023 edition, the team of Moderne Art Fair is pleased to welcome as guest of honor the architect Stefano Trapani. 

Stefano Trapani is an Italian architect, interior designer and designer. He lives between France and Italy, where he works with his teams in his agency based in Taormina, Milan and his studio/showroom in Paris.

Stefano Trapani

Architect | Designer

In his perpetual quest for a balance between aesthetics, functionality and comfort, he creates and brings to life unique design objects that become works of art. 

His works, made in Italy, combine the elegance of Italian design with French sophistication. He loves working with precious materials by collaborating with exceptional French and Italian artisans who combine their know-how. 

His creations merge with the world of today, the history and the origin of objects. It combines its creativity and the history of art to amaze the world.

Collaboration with
Moderne Art Fair 

Moderne Art Fair has the pleasure to return to the avenue des Champs-Élysées and collaborating for with Stefano Trapani, at the realization of the scenography of the fair to welcome visitors. We can also touch up the work of the designer architect in a space dedicated to him as well as in several stands, like a common thread. What animates Stefano Trapani by participating in Moderne Art Fair is his passion for beauty. He wishes to share with the visitors his imagination in which architecture marries with Art and Design. For this link with Art, Stefano Trapani has joined forces to represent it in France with the expertise of Isabelle Bourgeois, collector of contemporary art.

The Architect-Designer Stefano Trapani turns to Archeology for his contemporary projects. His inspiration leans towards the Antiquity and the cultural roots that have defined the Western civilization during the past two millennia. The profound influence of the systematic excavations in Italy, first at Herculaneum and later at Pompeii, created a widespread and influential artistic movement in the mid-18th century – Neoclassism.
The project for Moderne Art Fair drew inspiration from his personal vision of concealed arts of the Roman era, hidden beneath the cinders, and from the power that the discovery at the foot of the volcano had been able to produce, thus becoming a completely contemporary creation, suggesting other imaginaries all stemming from a visit to the third Italian Xylotheque.
Nourished by these reflections/insights, Stefano restores important buildings and mansions in his country, he designs hotels, and also very contemporary CSR houses, he renovates apartments to improve the living quality of their inhabitants and/or to host art collections, both in France and abroad.

Stefano Trapani



Agent : Isabelle Bourgeois