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Edition 2023

Guest of honor Stefano Trapani

Moderne Art Fair

Interview Isabelle Keit Parinaud
Co-founder of Moderne Art Fair

Guest of honor Stefano Trapani

Exhibition “Invincible Été”
Olivier Goy

Design Exhibition
Clément Cividino & Galerie Gam 

Focus on the young contemporary scene
Curated by David-Hervé Boutin

Millenn’Art Exhibition
by Annabelle Cohen Boulakia

Vincenzo Marsiglia


Moderne Art Fair, a major Parisian event: 19-22 October 2023

From October 19th till 22th, during the “contemporary art week”, Moderne Art Fair is a must see, a major date in the year long calendar of artistic events.
For five days, the event gathers the art and design market’s key players in an upbeat setting. Moderne Art Fair is a fair for the true connoisseur seeking excellence, it offers a selection of exceptional works of art.
Thanks to a strong positioning that ties great 20th century and contemporary art references, professionals, amateurs, and collectors in search of gems and reliable works, will soon be able to explore a rich and abundant world.

Moderne Art Fair, the modern art, contemporary art and design highlight of the year

As a 20th century modern, contemporary art and design fair, Moderne Art Fair is THE Parisian highlight of the French and international artistic scene.
Though the fair is addressed to the trained eye, it also aspires to stir interest and encourage a new generation of collectors. Both French and cosmopolitan, the fair participates in the promotion of cultural heritage and transmission of artistic values.
More than an ordinary fair, Moderne Art Fair is committed to support, to promote and highlight the work of its partners, its galleries, and their artists year-round.

2022 Edition

Marie Piselli’s Interview
Oui à la Vie

Blaise Parinaud’s Interview
Galerie Messine

Mickael Francken’s Interview
Modern Shapes Gallery

2021 Edition

Jacqueline Hoffman’s interview
Galerie Jeanne

Vincent Amiaux’s interview
Galerie des modernes

baudoin lebon’s interview
Galerie baudoin lebon

Go into the viewing rooms

Experience Art from home. The viewing rooms invite you to interact and explore the works of art exhibited within the galleries presented on Moderne Art Fair.